Your Guide to Off-Road Lighting in Tampa

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If you’ve ever driven late at night in the middle of nowhere, you probably noticed that it was dark. The unlit landscape of off-road trails is a darkness that, unless you’ve experienced it, you’ll never quite understand. Yes, it can be breathtaking and almost ethereal driving under the stars with only the lights of your vehicle to light the way, but it can also be highly dangerous if you don’t have the right lights. Off-road lighting products in Tampa, such as light bars, foglights, spotlights, etc., are an essential and necessary off-road upgrade that you need to add your vehicle before you head out on the trail.

With off-road lighting in Tampa, it’s not about which one off-road lighting system you need, but rather what lighting systems work together to give you the optimal light to get you back home safe and sound. For example, the question isn’t whether you need a spotlight or a floodlight it should be which spotlight and floodlight will give you the most amount of light with the least amount of energy used. Another factor that comes into play when you’re choosing off-road lighting for your Jeep, truck or SUV is whether or not the light in question is durable enough to take on the open road and any harsh weather that may arise. For this reason, this article will explain the various types of light bulbs used in off-roading lighting and which of these bulbs are better suited for the rigors of the off-roading life. Additionally, we will provide information about the types of Tampa Bay off-road lighting and how these lights can be mounted on your rig.

Tampa Bay Off-Road Lighting Bulbs

Off-road lighting bulbs come in three different types, Halogen, LED and HID. Each of these types of bulbs has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of off-road capability.

  • Halogen – Halogen light bulbs have been around for over 50 years and many vehicles use these types of light bulbs still. However, halogen light bulbs are the dullest and least efficient light when compared to LED or HID lights. The reason many vehicles still use halogen bulbs is that they are easy to make, cheap to buy and will fit virtually any vehicle out there. Halogen bulbs should not be used in spotlights or floodlights where you need a strong beam of light for a long distance. Halogen lights such as KCHiLites Daylighters can be used as an up-close work light or for smaller range applications in a pinch.
  • HID(High-Intensity Discharge) – HID lights also known as Xenon lights offer the brightest light among the three bulb types. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. While the HID lights illuminate the road in front of you like no other bulb can, this can prove to be dangerous to oncoming traffic. For this reason, we suggest using HID lights mainly for spotlights and floodlights and to avoid using them as driving lights. In addition to their brightness, HID lights won’t drain your power as fast as a halogen light bulb would and are celebrated for their longevity.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)– LED lights are some of the most common types of bulbs you’ll find in Tampa light bars. The appeal of LEDs (which are the latest off-road lighting available) is that they serve up a similar brightness when compared to HID lights but without the glare. LED light bars in Tampa also use less power than halogen and HID light bulbs, but if installed incorrectly LEDs are notorious for burning out fast. Make sure when you purchase an LED light bar in Tampa that you have a professional like LINE-X of South Tampa install it for you. For product prices and installation fees, call (813) 235-0472.

Types of Off-Road Lighting in Tampa

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There are three main types of off-road lighting in Tampa, these are spotlights, fog lights, and floodlights each of these has their own “beam” or light patterns as well as, optimal places to mount the lights on your vehicle. There are other off-roading lights such as driving lights that can enhance the illumination of your headlights. You can think of these as “high beams on steroids”.  These lights are usually mounted near the headlights.

  • Spotlights – Since spotlights are designed to create a crisp, focused ray of light, spotlights are generally mounted on top of the vehicle either on the A-pillar (above the windshield or on the lower windshield pillar. Spotlights provide a very brightly lit area for off-roaders to see potholes or large rocks in the road. They are also an essential off-roading accessory for when you need to set up camp, work on your vehicle and can be helpful in other similar operations. Spotlights are blindingly bright, so be courteous to your fellow off-roaders and shut them off when you see oncoming traffic.
  • Fog Lights – The average headlight will often produce a glare when there is fog, excessive dust, or rain. Fog lights create a wide light beam that is low and wide enough to see clearly through fog and other particles in the air. The best mounting position is for foglights is below the headlights. Foglights should be used in conjunction with your headlights while driving in the fog or rain.
  • Flood Lights -Flood lights mostly come in the form of light bars in Tampa and are usually mounted above the windshield on an off-road vehicle. However, you may see light bars attached to the front bumper or grill. As the name would state, flood lights flood an area with light. Floodlights are a fundamental off-road accessory as they can help you to see a wider area in front of you. This is an enormous advantage for driving on unknown terrain.

For off-roading lighting that is best suited for your off-road truck, Jeep or SUV contact LINE-X of South Tampa, we can help get you off-road ready in no time.

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