Why a Bumper Should Be Your Next Upgrade

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When you purchase a vehicle off of the lot, be it a Jeep or truck, chances are that it’s going to need some modifications if you plan on taking it off-roading or using it for more than just a daily driver. At the beginning of your “modification journey” there are some basic upgrades that should be done as soon as possible. This includes everything from lift and suspension kits, new wheels and tires, and even tonneau covers, bed liners, fender flares, as well as front and rear bumpers.

At first glance it may not seem like a bumper would be that important of an upgrade, but it is, in fact, one of the most practical as well as, stylish upgrades you can make to your vehicle. Along with being Tampa’s LINE-X dealer, South Tampa LINE-X and Off-Road Accessories sells and installs front and rear bumpers from top brand names like Road Armor and Fab Fours.This article discusses why bumpers should be your next upgrade along with, what bumper options are available for both Jeeps and trucks.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Bumper


Bumpers play a pretty major role in protecting some of the most vital components of your vehicle, like the radiator and drive train for example. Since your bumper’s main role is to protect your vehicle, you want a bumper that can stand up against almost anything.

Because of this, one of the most obvious benefits of upgrading your Jeep or truck bumper is the amped-up protection an aftermarket bumper can provide. If you take your off-road vehicle out on on the trails at some point you’re going to run into something that is going to test the limits of your OEM bumper. In most cases, the stock bumper will lose. This is not a chance you want to take. Swap out your factory bumper for a tougher, heavy-duty bumper that will turn heads and provides some serious protection for your vehicle whether you’re driving on or off-road.

Winch & Towing Options

If you were to Google “essential off-road accessories” the chance of a winch being included on all of those lists is very high. Why is this? Because when you’re off-roading getting stuck will happen. This is why it’s vital to have a winch and a vehicle that can handle being pulled or pulling another vehicle out of a tight spot. Both Road Armor and Fab Fours offer bumpers that have winch mounts as well as connection points for fog and driving lights, spare tires, and D-ring shackle mount for all your towing and pulling needs.


Along with providing protection and towing capabilities, bumpers are the first thing that people see when you drive up. Rather than just being part of your off-road vehicle, bumpers from a manufacturer like Fab Fours and Road Armor are designed to improve the entire look and feel of your ride. Everyone has a different style and it should be showcased on their Jeep or truck, by companies that care as much about the look of the bumper as they do about the overall toughness and durability their bumpers can provide. If you need help narrowing down which type of bumper is best suited for your style, needs, and budget, contact South Tampa LINE-X today.

Bumper Options for Trucks & Jeeps

There is a multitude of different types and styles of bumpers especially from innovative companies like Road Armor and Fab Fours. Instead of listing all of the various types of bumpers and series of bumpers you can choose from for your off-road truck or Jeep, we’ve compiled a list of basic bumper types you may meet out on the open road in order to nail down the type of bumper you’re looking for.

Truck Bumpers

Standard Bumpers – Standard bumpers are basic bumpers that usually come standard with your vehicle. These bumpers are located below the grill and cover the front end of your vehicle from left to right.

Roll Pan Bumpers -Roll Pan bumpers create a more streamlined finish to any truck but are most commonly used on compact trucks.

Tube Bumpers – Tube bumpers create a barrier of protection with metal tubes over the grill. This is one of the most common aftermarket bumpers used for trucks since there are many different styles you can choose from for your off-road bumper.

Deep Drop Bumpers – Most often used for larger trucks, Deep Drop bumpers are also known as a cowboy or ranch bumper and offer greater towing capabilities than other grills. Road Armor’s cowboy grill, Vaqueiro, is a prime example of a tough, American-made, deep drop bumper.

Jeep Bumpers

Stubby Bumpers – Stubby bumpers or “stubbies” are the most common aftermarket bumper upgrades. Even though these bumpers cover the grill, these bumpers are best suited for highway driving.

Recovery Bumpers – Off-road recovery bumpers are designed to help you pull yourself or another off-roader out of a sticky situation. Recovery bumpers come with shackle mounts and/or winches built into them and should always be professionally installed.

Tubular Bumpers – The most basic of tubular bumpers are good for basic protection for the front end of your vehicle but should not be used for towing. Although, some newer models of tubular bumpers do come with a shackle mount for towing.

Stinger Bumpers – Another common bumper type for jeeps, a Stinger bumper is shaped like a boomerang and is best used for off-roading. Stinger bumpers help to keep your vehicle upright if you go against an obstacle that threatens to turn your Jeep over. This bumper also provides additional protection and can be used as a ramp.  

If you’re ready to upgrade the look and performance of your off-road vehicle, contact  LINE-X of South Tampa today.

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