Van Upfitting & Vehicle Utilities In Tampa Bay

LINE-X of South Tampa carries and installs a wide variety of products for van upfitting and vehicle utility improvement. Whether it’s a commercial vehicle or a personal one, we have what you need for storage and transportation of tools and items of all kinds.

Undercover Swingcase

Blue Truck Bed - line x dealers near me

Our Tampa Bay Undercover Swingcases are a great way to keep your tools in one place and maximize the storage space of your vehicle bed. They can hold plenty of cargo and remain folded inside against the wheel well. Once parked, simply pull the latch and it can pivot 180 degrees, allowing access to what’s inside as well as anything else in your vehicle bed.

AMP Research Bed Extender

Truck Bed With Guard Bars - line x dealers near me

Ideal for those who need some extra cargo security, our AMP Research Bed Extenders in Tampa Bay turn your tailgate into extra floor space on your truck bed. They’re strong enough to keep your cargo safe and secure while light enough to be easily flipped into the truck bed if you need to close the tailgate.

Tonneau Covers

LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover - tampa truck accessories

Our Tonneau Covers will keep your truck cargo safe from the elements and the prying eyes of anyone walking past your vehicle. 

For those hauling important and expensive gear, Tonneau Covers will provide the protection you need for your equipment while also giving your vehicle a nice aesthetic look. 

We offer many different Tonneau Covers in Tampa Bay, including Roll-up, Folding, Heavy Duty, and Tri-fold Covers.

Grill Guards

Black Truck Grill Guard - line x dealers near me

Get durability and style all in one reliable product. Our Tampa Bay grill guards are made to protect your vehicle while also giving it that rugged look you love.

You’re sure to find the right match for your taste and style, and we’ll make sure it’s installed right the first time.

Van Shelving Units

Interior Of Van - line x dealers near me

We install durable and reliable van shelving units, turning your van into a portable storage unit for the tools and equipment you depend on.

Tool Boxes

LINE-X Truck Gear Cross Over Toolbox - line x dealers near me

We can install vehicle tool boxes into the front of your truck bed that are secure and fit your vehicle’s style. Our tool boxes offer plenty of room to store the various tools, equipment, and items you need to transport.

Van Ladder Racks

Ladder Rack - truck accessories tampa

Our van ladder racks will be installed securely to hold your ladders in place as you transport them. Not only are they reliable, they also look great strapped to a van or utility vehicle.

Utility Body Racks

Utility Body Racks On White Truck - truck accessories tampa

We carry and install a wide variety of Utility Body Racks for carrying lumber, pipes, ladders, and other items. Our racks extend over the roof and can hold a lot of weight. You can rely on them to keep your cargo secure.

Expedition Cooler

Coolers - truck accessories tampa

With a five year warranty, you can count on the Expedition Cooler by Truck Gear to keep your food and drinks cool in the hot Florida sun. Not only is it effective at doing this, but it was also designed for the most extreme off-roaders; in other words, it was made to take a beating.

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