Truck Gear By LINE-X Off-Road Accessories: Expedition Cooler & Power Bank

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Spending the weekend or longer off-roading means that you’ll be away from civilization for the better part of your adventure. Since it will just be you, some buddies, and your off-road vehicle on the open road (or trail) you’ll want to make sure that you come prepared for anything that you may come up against. Obviously, you’ll have modified your truck, Jeep or SUV to withstand the route you plan on taking, but there are some additional accessories that are key to your survival out there in no man’s land. Two such off-road accessories include a cooler to keep your food and drinks safe as well as, a jump starter and power bank to make sure your vehicle and electronics are always working. Now you may be able to get away with a basic cooler and jump starter kit for awhile, but that’s like taking a rowboat out into the ocean; you might make it, but why chance it? Truck Gear by LINE-X has created reliable and durable off-road accessories, such as the Truck Gear Expedition Cooler and the Truck Gear Jump Starter and Power Bank that are engineered to be taken into the great unknown.

To get yours today, contact LINE-X of South Tampa, your local authorized Truck Gear Dealer. Continue reading to find additional product information for each of these off-road accessories.

Truck Gear By LINE-X Expedition Cooler

When you’re out on the trails you can build up a fierce appetite and nothing keeps your food and drinks safer and ice-cold like a Truck Gear Expedition Cooler. Designed to play as hard as you do, this cooler has been tried, tested and come out on top with flying colors. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge video to the right. Watch as this heavy-duty cooler withstands the weight of a Jeep (that’s 7,000 lbs) without so much as a scratch! This juggernaut of a cooler is even dragged across the rocky terrain of Moab, Utah behind the back of a Jeep, defying the laws of off-road coolers everywhere.

If you love off-roading as much as we do chances are you will need a cooler that doesn’t leak, that can keep all your drinks and chow as cold as possible and is able to withstand the harsh environments you may drag it through. With that in mind let’s take a more in-depth look at just what this rugged cooler has to offer:



  • Thick-Walled, Roto-Molded Design For Extreme Durability
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Pressure Relief Valve For Easier Opening
  • Large Drain Includes Cap Retention Chain and Can Be Connected To A Standard Garden Hose
  • Thick Insulation Keeps Ice Longer
  • Dual Locking Plates With Built-In Bottle Openers
  • Heavy Duty, Easy Carry Handles (45QT and 75QT Versions)
  • Stainless Steel Handle With Foal Grip (20QT Version Only)
  • Commodity Shelf, Chopping Boards, and Cup Holder Included
  • Anti-Skid Feet
  • Ruler Built Into Lid



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Truck Gear By LINE-X Jump Starter & Power Bank

Away from the rest of the world, it can be difficult, almost impossible to find a power source that is able to start large engines, even diesel engines and that comes with dual USB ports to charge all of your devices. To combat this problem Truck Gear, fueled by over 20 years of aftermarket experience, created the Jump Starter & Power Bank backed by LINE-X, the brand that you can trust for your truck. This off-road accessory removes the need for a second vehicle and works faster and easier than a regular set of jumper cables. A power source like this is vital to survival out in the wilderness, where your phone is your best means of contact with the outside world and your Tampa off-road vehicle is your only way home.

This Jump Starter and Power Bank is a compact portable battery charger that delivers up to 600 max amps, making it one of the highest amp outputs out on the market. Other features include:

  • 12V DC and 110V AC Charging Cables
  • iPhone and Android Charging Cables
  • A Built-in 5W LED Flashlight with Strobing/Hazard Setting
  • Fail-Safe System That Will Not Arc If The Polarity is Reversed
  • Convenient Carrying Case To Store All Accessories and Cables In One Place


Jump Starter and Power Bank - truck accessories tampa

To get set up with either of these accessories call LINE-X of South Tampa at (813) 591-3863 or fill out this form for additional information. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

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