LINE-X Marine

LINE-X of South Tampa is your local Tampa area LINE-X spraying dealer. Marine coatings is the best known protection procedure available today. Marine coatings work great when applied to boats, ships, and other equipment to protect from harsh elements like air, extreme temperatures, salt water and moisture which can corrode and degrade the quality of the material.

LINE-X is the top leading spray on protective plan for any marine need and want. You should consider having the outer layers of your marine accessories and machinery sprayed with the tight, long lasting protection layer of LINE-X. This will provide strength, a glossy finish, and even lower maintenance costs.

LINE-X is an advantage when you own a boat or ship. You can coat any part to fit you and your company needs depending on the climatic conditions. Keep your boat, ship, and other susceptible equipment away from environmental hazards, while providing a nonslip surface to keep yourself safe from harm.

Reduce accidents on your ship, or boat with a LINE-X application sprayed directly on the flooring. Due to moisture and easy access to water, a boat can easily start to rust, and even worst, start corrosion process which could leave your crew down. By taking advantage of our great specials, you can avoid the high repair costs and any lost down time.

At LINE-X of South Tampa, our specialty trained technicians have the best machinery to spray LINE-X for any marine life need. We use a high temperature, high pressure system that dries in seconds and you will be satisfied with your new protected results. Contact LINE-X of South Tampa today for more information on how we can help you.

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