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From Military to Off Roading: LINE-X IT!

LINE-X of South Tampa is proud to serve the Tampa area with LINE-X protective spray on coating. We provide the best protection for your truck beds but we also protect so much more. We will coat and protect your boats, industrial equipment, as well as complete car and truck exterior’s. We sell Tonneau cover’s, bumpers, step bars and any accessories you may need for your car and truck.

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LINE-X of South Tampa features Protective Coatings that can be applied to a broad range of vehicles and equipment. LINE-X Protective Coatings enhance the overall feel, style, and utility of the surfaces it’s applied to. Far beyond aesthetics, LINE-X Protective Coatings eliminate common wear and tear issues on the surfaces they are applied to. This literally means expanding the service life of what would otherwise be exposed surfaces on vehicles and equipment.

The practical application of LINE-X Coatings for Jeep’s, Trucks, and Off-Road vehicles is a given. LINE-X Protective Coatings also provide a huge advantage for the protection of Industrial Equipment and Marine vehicles as well. Air, moisture, temperature, and wear from tough usage are the degrading forces acting on the materials that make up vehicles and equipment. It’s for those named reasons that LINE-X Protective Coatings were developed. Be it a Truck, Boat, Industrial Equipment, or any other application in between, LINE-X Protective Coatings provide the ultimate protection for your investments.

It’s also safe to say that the protection offered by LINE-X Protective Coatings adds longevity to your vehicles and equipment as well. LINE-X Protective Coatings are also available in multiple stunning color options and textures. Protective Coatings are amazing in that you can treat your Truck, Jeep, watercraft, and Industrial items as the rugged pieces of equipment that they are, without the normal wear and tear accumulated with normal use. In fact, LINE-X Protective Coatings allow you to go beyond “normal” wear and tear without wearing and tearing at all. If you or your crew have a talent for roughing-up trucks or equipment, LINE-X Protective Coatings are an incredibly valuable investment.

When you’re ready to take your vehicle to the next level of protection and performance, give us a call at (813) 627-9603. We’d love to chat with you. Or, to really get things moving, TELL US ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE and we’ll be able to give you a hassle-free quote. What are you waiting for?

Protective Coating Applications

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LINE-X Bedliner

LINE-X spray on bedliners and coatings are tested for strength and protection in the laboratory and in harsh, real world conditions to ensure the highest levels of durability.

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LINE-X Body Armour

LINE-X Body Armour is a distinctive exterior automotive coating that provides a durable skin and rugged look for any vehicle.

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LINE-X Industrial Coating

LINE-X coatings helps keep trucks, machinery, motorcycles, and other systems running and looking great for years. LINE-X is great for protecting against wind, hail, water damage, and natural weather conditions.

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LINE-X Marine

LINE-X Marine coatings work great when applied to boats, ships, and other equipment to protect from harsh elements like air, extreme temperatures, salt water and moisture which can corrode and degrade the quality of the material.

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COVID-19 Virus Status Update

We’re still open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

Because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic we are implementing some new safety measures.  We have closed our waiting area.  We will only accept drop-offs until further notice.  If you’re in one of the high risk group for the COVID-19 virus, we will take some further safety precautions by having you park your vehicle in our front parking lot and ask you to just keep the keys inside the vehicle or give you the option to leaving the keys in our key lockbox so that you don’t even have to enter our facility.  You can then call to pay over the phone with a credit card.  When the vehicle is ready, you can pick it up from our front parking lot again using the key lockbox or with the keys left inside of the vehicle.

All vehicles will have the steering wheels and any armrests and center consoles wiped down with an antiseptic wipe as our last step in any service process that we perform.  Our employees will also be wearing neoprene gloves any time that they’re in the vehicle for everyone’s safety. 

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  We will all get through this together.