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LINE-X of South Tampa is excited about JEEPS!  We love to help our customers customize them to create the Jeep of their dreams.  From spraying the interior and exteriors with the best spray-on protective coating anywhere to a full line of Jeep accessories.  We can help with bumpers, fender flares, step bars, doors, roofs, body armor, grills, hoods, wheel and tires.  If they make it for a Jeep we can get it for you.  

LINE-X Truck Gear 5 Inch Oval Step Bar - line x dealers near me

Step Bars for Jeeps

Need some step bars or rock sliders then give us a call. We work with most of the major parts manufactures so we can get you want you need.

Truck Gear by LINE-X® 5″ Oval Step Bars are constructed from high-quality T304 polished stainless steel tubing with fully welded end caps and are offered in a straight design or “premium” design with 30° bent ends. Available for most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, these step bars feature custom branded 5″ step pads for an increased surface stepping area. Easy, no-drill installation is made possible with vehicle-specific bolt-on brackets.

  • Constructed from high-quality T304 stainless steel tubing
  • Offered in a straight design or “premium” design with 30° bent ends
  • Welded end caps
  • Custom 5″ polyethylene step pads for increased surface stepping area
  • Easy bolt-on, no drill installation
  • Lifetime End-to-End Warranty (Stainless Steel Finish)
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Jeep Wheel XD Series - truck accessories tampa

Wheels and Tires

Looking to personalize your Jeep with some wheels and tires?  Give us a call and we can help you find that perfect combination to help set your Jeep apart. 

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Spare Tire On Jeep - truck accessories tampa

Spare Tire

When you go with bigger wheels and tires you have to take care of what to do for a spare tire. Here at LINE-X of South Tampa we will work out the correct solution for what you need. We have many different manufactures so give us a call to get you what you need.

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Jeep - truck accessories tampa


From stock to angry bird to the all-out Grumper, we’ve got you covered. Whatever kind of grill that you’re looking for we at LINE-X of South Tampa can get you want you need.

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Jeep Bumper - truck accessories tampa

Front Bumper

We can source and install just about any bumpers for your Jeep
that you want. From Poison Spicer, Iron Cross, Fab Fours, ICI to
SmittyBuilt, Tough Country and many more. Give us a call and we’ll help get you the right bumpers for your project and your budget.

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Jeep Back Bumper - truck accessories tampa

Back Bumper

Don’t forget about the back of your Jeep. We have an extensive line of back bumpers that you can mix and match with the other accessories for your Jeep. Many different brands to choose from so give us a call and we’ll help get you want you need.

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Truck Fender - truck accessories tampa

Fender Flares

Getting the right fender flares for your jeep can really set the tone for your build. We’ve got many brands and styles to choose from.

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Black Jeep Armor - truck accessories tampa

Body Armor

If you’re ready to take your jeep to the next level then you’re going to want some body armor. This will set your Jeep off from the rest with that tough off road warrior look like this set from FabFours. Give us a call at the shop to let you know what we can do for you.

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Poison Spyder Inner Fender Covers - truck accessories tampa

Inner Fender Cover

If you’ve got a Jeep, then there is a good chance that it’s lifted. We carry parts from many suppliers to help dress up the inner fenders that are now very visible in most lifted Jeeps

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LINE-X of South Tampa is the place to go for your Jeep’s virtually limitless potential in customization options. If there’s anything we know and are passionate about, it’s Jeep! So much so that if there’s a customizable feature or option available, we can get it and fit it onto your Jeep (or truck).

The versatility of Jeep customization makes it possible to enhance your Jeep’s style and functionality. From custom doors, grills, and roofs, to step bars, hoods, bumpers, fender flares and more, we can make it happen!

Beyond armoring your Jeep’s body with LINE-X Protective Spray-On Coatings, consider treating your Jeep’s interior as well (yes, we can do that, too). We’re serious about our dedication to making your Jeep fully fit your style and tastes. Check out our full inventory of Jeep accessories and don’t hesitate to contact us for ANY questions you may have about our Jeep accessories.

We know you love your Jeep and we love it as much as you do. If you ever decide to part with your Jeep, these customizations, accessories, and protective coatings can drastically increase your Jeep’s resale value. LINE-X Protective Coatings are amazing in that you can treat your Jeep like the rugged equipment that it is, without the normal wear and tear that comes with normal use.

When you’re ready to take your vehicle to the next level of protection and performance, give us a call at (813) 627-9603. We’d love to chat with you. Or, to really get things moving, TELL US ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE and we’ll be able to give you a hassle-free quote. What are you waiting for?

Poison Spyder Customs - tampa line x cost

Customizing your Jeep never really ends. From Differential covers and grab handles to hood covers and every other accessory out there, we’re just a phone call away from getting you the next goodie to feed your Jeep addiction.

Dif Cover - truck accessories tampa

Diff Cover

Grab Handles - truck accessories tampa

Grab Handle

Hood Cover - truck accessories tampa

Hood Cover

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COVID-19 Virus Status Update

We’re still open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

Because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic we are implementing some new safety measures.  We have closed our waiting area.  We will only accept drop-offs until further notice.  If you’re in one of the high risk group for the COVID-19 virus, we will take some further safety precautions by having you park your vehicle in our front parking lot and ask you to just keep the keys inside the vehicle or give you the option to leaving the keys in our key lockbox so that you don’t even have to enter our facility.  You can then call to pay over the phone with a credit card.  When the vehicle is ready, you can pick it up from our front parking lot again using the key lockbox or with the keys left inside of the vehicle.

All vehicles will have the steering wheels and any armrests and center consoles wiped down with an antiseptic wipe as our last step in any service process that we perform.  Our employees will also be wearing neoprene gloves any time that they’re in the vehicle for everyone’s safety. 

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  We will all get through this together.