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How was Jeep LINE-X armor created?

LINE-X was created more than 20 years ago and has been found on numerous items. You can find LINE-X in water troughs for animals and all the way to the battlefield. This invention is nearly indestructible and works flawlessly. This can be seen from the years that it has been an industry leader and is still leading the way for protective spray-on coatings. Eventually, LINE-X created franchises to be able to get their product in the hands of people across the country.

LINE-X has discussed why their product is so unique due to its “specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and limitless application potential. …LINE-X Protective Coatings form permanent bonds at the molecular level, they have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.”

This is really what makes LINE-X so desired because it can be used for Jeep LINE-X armor. To create a product with the features discussed above takes a lot of research and time in a lab looking at the chemical properties of many molecules. Jeep LINE-X armor is a product that is created out of two chemicals. Not getting too much in the weeds, the product is created by mixing chemical A with chemical B.

The Chemical Process of LINE-X Armor for Jeeps

Chemical A is a very reactive component while Chemical B is a plasticizer. Interesting Engineering explains the process of mixing these two chemical and discuss how it is sprayed. They said, “Basically, with LINE-X these two components are mixed together in a given ratio. They will react very rapidly and exothermically. The reaction takes seconds to form very long molecular threads. This provides both tensile strength and flexibility. The chains can be stretched out without breaking.” Essentially this process creates very strong bonds between the molecules that creates an almost indestructible product.

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There is a reason that Jeep LINE-X armor is used in truck beds and on many other products. Its ability to adhere to almost any surface and make an indestructible barrier makes this an amazing product. We now know the brief history of how Jeep LINE-X armor came to be. However, how would this liner be applied to a surface, such as a Jeep’s exterior or interior.

What is the step by step process to apply LINE-X?

Getting a glimpse of how the application process works for Jeep LINE-X armor can help you understand why this formula is so strong. To be able to spray these chemicals, they must be under a lot of pressure and heat. This will combine the chemicals while they are being sprayed.

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Before applying Jeep LINE-X armor, you must first decide which LINE-X product you would like. The products come in four different types Standard, Premium, Pro, and Ultra. The Jeep or bed of a truck have to be cleaned thoroughly. Any foreign substance, such as grease, dirt, dust, etc., have to be removed in order to create the proper adhesion. If foreign objects are left under the coating, it may not adhere properly. Just like any sort of spray in a build process after cleaning the surface you should sand it. Sanding a surface creates a rough area that the spray can stick to better.

However, after sanding it is important to clean the surface again before spraying it. This will ensure that the surface is free from any dust or remnants from the sanding process. Now the surface is ready and prepared to receive the LINE-X spray. Once the liner is sprayed on the desired surface, it will usually take a day to cure completely. However, due to the chemical nature of Jeep LINE-X armor it will actually harden within seconds of adhering to the sprayed surface. The chemicals will continue reacting until all chemicals have reacted. This will create the strong bond that everyone wants.

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The chemical is sprayed out of the gun at extremely hot temperatures. It is so hot so that the chemicals can actually function as a spray. It should be known that the spray will be hot for a while after sprayed onto your Jeep. Almost as important as the spray itself, is the expertise of those applying the spray. It takes skill and knowledge when applying this product onto a surface. That is why looking to experts, like LINE-X of South Tampa, should one of your first priorities when searching for spray on liner.

After the liner has been sprayed, you will have a product on your Jeep that will protect it for many years. These liners were created to be punished by everyday use or off roading in the wild outdoors.

What sets Jeep LINE-X armor apart from others?

LINE-X has created a wonderful product that is backed by their lifetime guarantee. This product can take a beating due to the chemical components. LINE-X creates a durable finish while other company linings do not have that same durability or tear strength. The competition claims that their products are the same as LINE-X, however, that is not true. If you look at the wear and tear that takes place in a competitors truck bed, you will soon find that LINE-X durability is unmatched.

This is due to the chemical mixture and the reactions that happens at a molecular level when Jeep LINE-X armor is applied. More than likely, you are looking to LINE-X to protect your Jeep. A lot of time and effort are put into getting your Jeep up to where you want it to be. This can take years, so you should trust the best. An article titled LINE-X Vs. The Competition, discusses a noticeable difference between LINE-X and competitors. They said this about competitor’s liners, This stuff is sprayed very thin and provides almost no protection to the bed. [You can] Notice the amount of scratches that are all the way down the paint. What’s even more telling is that…damage is on the side of the bed which gets much less abuse than the bottom of the bed.”

There are many reasons for the differences between LINE-X and its competitors. Some of these differences come from the following:

Lifetime Warranty
LINE-X is backed by a lifetime warranty. It is guaranteed that there will be an absence of cracks, bubbles, or flakes on whatever surface the liner is sprayed. If there is an issue, the liner can be fixed at any of the LINE-X locations around the United States.
Precision Cargo Space
LINE-X is not a clunky spray on liner. It is precisely sprayed so that parts and pieces will fit properly in the bed of your truck. For example, 5th wheel, camper shells, and bed lids will be able to attach properly because of the precise finish that LINE-X offers.
Long-Lasting Strength
LINE-X has a higher tensile strength than any of the competition. This means that it will withstand punishment from heavy pieces of equipment, lumber, and your landscaping needs. Not only does it take any physical abuse you can throw at it, it also will take chemical abuse. Chemicals are no match for Jeep LINE-X armor. Essentially, LINE-X can take punishment from any source.
Value Added
LINE-X brand has a powerful following, for good reasons. It is a liner that will keep your precious Jeep protected from the elements. It is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. That is why when you go to resell your truck or Jeep with LINE-X, it can be sold for a higher price.

There are many attributes that set Jeep LINE-X armor apart from competitors. Overall, LINE-X is a product with lasting durability and strength. Also, with a lifetime warranty it will last you as long as you want your truck. It is not difficult to find a LINE-X dealer that are experts, like LINE-X of South Tampa. They will know how to best help you. They will also be able to help you choose between the numerous spray on options that will best fit your needs. Protecting your Jeep can be done quickly by locating a Jeep LINE-X armor dealer.

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