More Drop-In Bed Liner Horror

Vehicle Odometer - line x colors tampa

If we didn’t make the last Drop The Drop-In post clear enough for you, you need to check this out.

In the featured image above, you will see the odometer reading of a brand new truck that came into our shop the other day. With only 1,987 miles on it, there was still a “new car smell” inside. However, when we removed the drop-in bed liner, the bed almost looked as though it had lived through 100,000 miles.

The drop-in bed liner itself looked great. It was clean, shiny, and had barely any wear on it.

The problem it was causing, however, lay hidden underneath. It was a good thing this customer came into our shop because had they not, things might not have turned out too well once they actually logged 100,000 miles.

Old Drop-In Bed Liner
The drop-in bed liner that we removed.

Check out the images below for a glimpse of what a sub-par drop-in bed liner can do to your vehicle.

Damaged Paint In Truck Bed Caused By Drop-In Bed Liner
Extensive paint damage
Drop-In Bed Liner Caused This Paint Damage In Truck Bed
More paint damage

You see, while an inexpensive drop-in bed liner can be an attractive option when considering protecting your truck bed, it is often the case that, over time, they will begin to cause damage. How does this happen? As drop-in bed liners are exposed to the elements, they begin to warp. Intense heat from the sun and crazy weather will cause the drop-in liner to deform and that causes gaps to appear between the liner and the bed. These gaps allow moisture and debris to accumulate. These things will corrode and wear away at the paint and, eventually, the bare metal underneath. Think: rust. Dirty, filthy rust. Additionally, a warped bed liner will bang and rub against the bed underneath when you are loading and unloading the bed, causing further damage faster.

Drop The Drop-In Bed Liner

We’ve shown you proof as to the issues that a drop-in bed liner can cause. So, what can you do about it? You can start by calling LINE-X of South Tampa at (813) 627-9603 to get a quote for the world’s most durable, long lasting, and beautiful spray-on bed liner available. The cost of a LINE-X spray on bed liner is minimal compared to what it would cost to re-paint your truck bed (or even worse, repairing rusted out holes!). If you’re ready for a hassle-free quote, TELL US ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE and we’ll tell you how we can give your truck bed the protection it deserves. And we guarantee that our spray on truck bed liners will last WAYYYYY longer than 1,987 miles.

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