LINE-X Vs. The Competition

Equipment in Old Truck Bed - jeep accessories tampa

Above is a picture of an old work truck that I saw in a parking lot that had been sprayed with LINE-X.  You can see that this truck was worked hard but notice that the LINE-X bed liner is completely intact.  No holes or scrapes down to the paint.  It held up to at least a decade of real world work truck abuse without missing a beat.  The second picture is what we see all too often from other “Just like LINE-X” competition.  This stuff is sprayed very thin and provides almost no protection to the bed.  Notice the amount of scratches that are all the way down the paint.  What’s even more telling is that this damage is on the side of the bed which gets much less abuse than the bottom of the bed. 

The Competition - Inferior Spray-On Bed Liner
The Competition – NOT LINE-X

One thing is absolutely clear: LINE-X is the ONLY spray-on bed liner that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it. Call us at (813) 627-9603 right now to get your truck protected by LINE-X. Or, you can always TELL US ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE for a hassle-free quote for your particular needs.

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