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What is LINE-X?

LINE-X has revolutionized the vehicle industry. It has allowed vehicle owners to protect their hard earned vehicles. When searching for a LINE-X dealer near me, it should not be difficult. Companies, such as LINE-X of South Tampa, can provide you the services that you need to protect your vehicle. These coatings can be applied to numerous objects and for many purposes. They are not only for the bed of a truck but can be used for interior or other exterior purposes. Once you realize the differences between these LINE-X truck liners and a typical plastic liner, you will never go back to a plastic drop-in liner.

LINE-X has created an extremely durable lining by using polyurethanes, polyureas, aliphatic, and hybrid coatings. In addition, every coat that is applied is different at a molecular level so that the coatings will apply to any given item. If you have ever dealt with a LINE-X durable coating, then you will be aware of how important it is to search online for a LINE-X dealer near me. LINE-X lays out five different properties of the LINE-X product and the the capabilities that it has. The following from LINE-X discuss the attributes of this durable coating:

Physical Properties

There are many physical properties that set LINE-X apart from competitors as well as other typical drop-in-liners. LINE-X has a fast curing time and will also not drip no matter the angle you spray it. It has a Shore D hardness rating and a tensile strength of 6,600 psi. The tear strength is also incredible and the lining will resist up to 780 lb/in. These are just a few of the amazing properties of a spray on liner.

Corrosion Prevention

Anyone who has ever had a drop-in-bedliner will definitely appreciate this attribute of a LINE-X spray liner. Usually, removing the old drop-in-liner you would find that water and other elements have taken a toll on the bed of a truck. Often there are rust spots because of the spaces between the bed and the liner. With LINE-X you do not have to worry about corrosion, because of its characteristics. No matter what mother nature throws at the lining, whether it be saltwater, humidity, extreme temperature, it will maintain its properties and protect your vehicle.

Watertight Barrier

This lining was created for numerous situations, not just vehicles. If you need to seal anything to prevent water from leaving or entering, then LINE-X can help you. This lining can be used to prevent any spillage from a container. That means that you can protect the environment and yourself by keeping chemicals in a LINE-X sprayed container.

Abrasion and Impact Resistance

It has been shown that this formula will outperform steel and carbon. When we look at the bed of a truck, it will take years of abuse. Bricks, dirt, lumber, and many other things are thrown into the back of a truck. A strong bed liner is crucial to having a truck bed that lasts for years to come and that take the abuse that a hard-working American will give it.

Enhanced Durability

The durability comes from the chemical structure of the product. Also, it is important that his product will adhere to whatever is being sprayed at the molecular level. That is why it is a watertight barrier that offers abrasion resistance. Now is the time to throw out the old lining system and type in the search bar a LINE-X dealer near me.
This was a superficial view of what LINE-X can offer you. The lining can be applied in numerous situations, whether it is to the interior or exterior of a car or for other outside projects, that can offer you the strength and protection that you need.
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How can I utilize a LINE-X dealers offerings?

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One of the best ways to utilize a LINE-X dealer is by searching for a LINE-X dealer near me online and telling them that you want a new liner for your truck. Once you have lived with the frustration of using a drop-in liner, you will be searching the world over for a LINE-X truck bed liner. An article, called How to Shop for a Bed liner, discusses some of the downfalls of using a drop-in liner. The article says, Road sand and dirt get between the bed and the liner and act as an abrasive that will wear the paint in the bed down to bear metal in a very short time. Other debris like leaves and sticks can also get under the plastic drop in liner and this will trap moisture and cause corrosion.”

These are just of few of the issues that follow a drop-in liner. Often, new trucks will come with these cheap plastic liners and will cause more damage to your new truck than protection. In addition to the damage that is caused by these liners, they can also be extremely dangerous in wet conditions. Standing on these plastic liners when wet due to rain, snow, or even washing your car, can make them slippery. Caution should be taken when using a plastic liner. On the other hand, a LINE-X dealer can replace these slippery plastic liners with a durable non-slip spray on liner.

Getting a LINE-X bed liner will spoil you. Every truck that you purchase after having a spray in liner will make you get a spray in liner for the rest of your life. However, taking it one step further, LINE-X of South Tampa cannot only spray the bed of your truck, but can also spray the interior or whole exterior of your vehicle. They will also apply LINE-X to industrial equipment to protect it for years.

Utilizing these capabilities will allow you to prolong the life of your vehicles and equipment. The process to apply the lining is quick and easy and will look great after finished. After searching for a LINE-X dealer near me, you can give them a call and some quick details about your vehicle. This will allow them to give you a quick quote. It is a simple process that will lead you to a beautiful durable finish on your vehicle. In addition to all of the amazing properties that these liners have, they also come with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

What can a LINE-X dealer near me offer?

The amazing thing about LINE-X of South Tampa is that they offer many accessories and installation services in addition to the spray on linings. While spraying your truck liner you can look at the other accessories that are offered. There are many off-road accessories that you can purchase from LINE-X of South Tampa, and there are many installation services offered. Some of the accessories and services offered are:

Tonneau Covers

These covers come in many varieties. These covers are for the bed of your truck. They come in both hard and soft. Also, they come in foldable, retractable, and hinged. The nice thing about these covers is that you can utilize the space that a truck bed offers. The space can be used for luggage, groceries, tools, and many other things. These covers are sturdy and keep things in the bed of your truck dry and protected. One of the best features of these covers is the increase in gas mileage you will see from your truck.

Bed Extenders

These are great when you want to put lumber in or you have a ATV that is too long for your bed. They allow you to have the peace of mind you need. This will add a few extra feet to your bed.

Grill Guards

Guards are an excellent option to prevent any damage to the front of your vehicle. These are great options for areas that have a lot of game on the roads. They not only prevent damage, but they can also offer protection for the passengers.

Tool Boxes

These boxes offer a lot of storage for anyone working construction or in need of some extra space. It is a great way to protect any tools from the weather or other people.
There are many other accessories that you can get from LINE-X of South Tampa. By just taking the time to search for a LINE-X dealer near me, will allow you to find the truck accessories and spray in liners that you need. These liners will pay for themselves due to their strength, longevity, and a lifetime warranty. In addition to the liners, there are many accessories that are practical and will make your vehicle look that much better.
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COVID-19 Virus Status Update

We’re still open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

Because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic we are implementing some new safety measures.  We have closed our waiting area.  We will only accept drop-offs until further notice.  If you’re in one of the high risk group for the COVID-19 virus, we will take some further safety precautions by having you park your vehicle in our front parking lot and ask you to just keep the keys inside the vehicle or give you the option to leaving the keys in our key lockbox so that you don’t even have to enter our facility.  You can then call to pay over the phone with a credit card.  When the vehicle is ready, you can pick it up from our front parking lot again using the key lockbox or with the keys left inside of the vehicle.

All vehicles will have the steering wheels and any armrests and center consoles wiped down with an antiseptic wipe as our last step in any service process that we perform.  Our employees will also be wearing neoprene gloves any time that they’re in the vehicle for everyone’s safety. 

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  We will all get through this together.