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Drop-In Bed Liner - tampa linex spray in bedliner cost

While drop-in bed liners seem like a smart choice for the budget-minded truck owner, sometimes it takes a little time before you realize that you probably should have chosen something a little more… well… durable and long lasting. Don’t get us wrong! There are plenty of good drop-in bed liners on the market. They are usually pretty inexpensive, are very easy to install, and will sufficiently protect the bed of your truck.

That is, until it stops protecting the bed of your truck.

When Drop-In Bed Liners Become A Problem

Drop-in bed liners will always do a good job of protecting the bed of your truck for the first few hours after installation. And they look pretty nice, too. So what’s the big deal? Why are we even publishing this post to begin with if we have nothing but good to say about them?

Well, here’s why: We really do like you! And we don’t want you to waste your money.

The biggest problem with drop-in bed liners is that they will eventually cause issues the longer they are installed on your truck. You see, unlike a high quality spray-on bed liner, drop-in bed liners do not make an air/water tight seal between the liner and the bed of your truck. Drop-in liners also tend to warp over time when exposed to harsh weather and intense heat from the sun. When they begin to warp, they tend to allow moisture, debris, and other corrosive materials to get in between the liner and the bed. Additionally, when moisture does accumulate, it won’t evaporate as quickly. This will inevitably cause damage to the bed of your truck. What kind of damage?

  • Rust
  • Worn/scratched paint
  • Accumulation of debris like leaves, dirt, sand, mud, etc (things that will wear down paint and expose bare metal to the elements)

You might be saying to yourself, “Nah, fam. I’ve had a drop-in bed liner for years and nothing is wrong with my truck.”

Maybe, maybe not. But don’t just take our word for it. The images below were taken after a customer came into our shop to get a LINE-X spray on bed liner installed. This is what we found.

Damaged Truck Bed Caused By Drop-In Bed Liners
Notice the buildup of debris and paint worn down to bare metal.

Just like we told you, the drop-in bed liner that this customer had installed warped and allowed leaves and other debris to accumulate between the liner and the bed. Do you see how the paint has been worn down to bare metal? Metal that is susceptible to rust and corrosion. Below are close-up images of the paint damage.

Paint damage caused by warped drop-in bed liners
Damaged paint

Paint damage caused by warped drop-in bed liners
More damaged paint

You see, this is a prime example of why drop-in bed liners make no sense. You have probably spent a good sum of money on your truck. Why risk damaging it with a product that has good intentions but bad performance?

If you truly want to protect your investment AND install a bed liner that is durable, long-lasting, and highly attractive, give LINE-X of South Tampa a call at (813) 627-9603 right now to schedule an appointment. Or, you can always TELL US ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE so that we can give you the best quote possible on the world’s best selling spray-on truck bed liner.

You’ve seen the evidence. It’s up to you. Why wait any longer?

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