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Protecting Your Jeep With Modern Day Body Armor

How was Jeep LINE-X armor created? LINE-X was created more than 20 years ago and has been found on numerous items. You can find LINE-X in water troughs for animals and all the way to the battlefield. This invention is nearly indestructible and works flawlessly. This can be seen from the years that it has

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LINE-X Vs. The Competition

Above is a picture of an old work truck that I saw in a parking lot that had been sprayed with LINE-X.  You can see that this truck was worked hard but notice that the LINE-X bed liner is completely intact.  No holes or scrapes down to the paint.  It held up to at least

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How To Shop For A Bed Liner

When you’re shopping for a new truck you’ll have a ton of different options and upgrades to consider. Trucks are no longer cheap utility vehicles anymore. They’re now high-end all-in-one do everything vehicles that can regularly out price many top end luxury cars. After you’ve “invested” in a new truck, one important option you need

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More Drop-In Bed Liner Horror

If we didn’t make the last Drop The Drop-In post clear enough for you, you need to check this out. In the featured image above, you will see the odometer reading of a brand new truck that came into our shop the other day. With only 1,987 miles on it, there was still a “new

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Drop the Drop-In

While drop-in bed liners seem like a smart choice for the budget-minded truck owner, sometimes it takes a little time before you realize that you probably should have chosen something a little more… well… durable and long lasting. Don’t get us wrong! There are plenty of good drop-in bed liners on the market. They are

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